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Terms of Service>>Handling of personal information
Article 1: Applicability
  1. The 24expo Global Exhibition Comprehensive Terms of Service ("T&C’s"), hereby declares that the provisions of the following Articles shall constitute the Terms and Conditions for participation in the 24expo Global Exhibition, a service operated by Best・Com Co., Ltd ("The Company") .
  2. These T&C's, posted on our Website as defined in Article 2, §2 below and as updated from time to time, shall define the relationship and the comprehensive rights and obligations existing between Registered Users and the Company regarding participation in the 24expo Global Exhibition.

Article 2: Definitions
  1. The term our Services refers to any service that we provide to Registered Users under the name 24expo Global Exhibition. This includes services provided on our Website, intended and provided as a place for Exhibitors to help Buyers search for products, and for participating Companies to register products.
  2. The term our Website refers to the World Wide Web domain operated by the Company.
  3. The term intellectual property rights means both the right to file for registration of rights and the intellectual property rights themselves including copyrights, patent rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, design rights and such other rights as are reserved but not enumerated herein.
  4. The Term Exhibitor means a Registered User who has paid the Company for the right to create a page to introduce products and trade with Buyers.

Article 3: Revision of the Agreement
The Company reserves the right to revise these T&C's without notice, effective immediately upon publication on our Website. It is to be assumed that by using this Service, the Registered User agrees to the terms of any such revisions.

Article 4: Registration
  1. Those who wish to use our Services, ("Applicants") agree to provide us in the manner prescribed by the Company with information ("Registration Information"), when applying to use our Services.
  2. Corporate Entities or Individuals intending to use our Services must apply directly. Registration by proxy is not permitted in principle. In addition, upon application for registration to use our Services, you must provide us with the most current and accurate information possible.
  3. We shall determine whether or not an Applicant meets our criteria for registration according to our company standards and if approved, will notify the Applicant. This notification shall be the end of an Applicants registration process and they will become a Registered User.
  4. Upon completion of the Registration set forth in the previous clause Services in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement are established between the Company and the Registered User.
  5. If we determine that any Applicant is subject to a Cause for Denial as listed below, the Company may deny Registration based on the following due causes:  
    (1) If the Company has determined that there is a risk that Applicant may violate the T&C's.  
    (2) If there was falsification, clerical error or omission in part or all of the registration information provided to the Company.  
    (3) If the person has had Registration for our Services revoked in the past.  
    (4) If we determine that the Registration is not appropriate.

Article 5: Change of Registration Information
If there is a change in Registration Information, the Registered User shall, without delay, by a method prescribed by the Company, inform the Company of said changed Information by resubmitting any form requested by the Company.

Article 6: Usage Fees and Subscription Periods
  1. Each Registered User must conclude a service contract paid separately with the Company in order to register to use our Services as Exhibitors. The price list for subscription fees will be posted separately.
  2. The Subscription Period of Exhibitors is one year from the service start date.
  3. We will extend and update memberships for one year automatically if a Registered User does not inform us of intent to cancel before the 25th day of the expiration month of the Exhibitor's membership.
  4. If a Registered User terminates their contract before the expiration of the service use agreement as recorded on the registration agreement, a fee prorated according to the period remaining until expiration since the first month of use as recorded shall be owed to the Company, and the Registered User shall pay without delay any amount owed, after deducting any amounts previously paid.

Article 7: Use of the Service
  1. An Applicant may only use this service as directed by the Company under the scope of the aims outlined in this Agreement while registration remains effective and without violating the Agreement.
  2. Upon use of our Service, Registered Users must not engage in conduct that constitutes any of the following:  
    (1) Acts of harm towards the Company, our Services, or the rights of third-parties including intellectual property rights,
          rights of publicity, or privacy;  
    (2) Acts that use our Website to harm the Company, our Services, or other users of our Services by modification or acts of
          sending and/or obtaining information, profits or infringing others rights;  
    (3) Acts related to criminal behavior;  
    (4) Violation of laws and regulations or rules of the industry group to which the Registered User belongs;  
    (5) Acts contrary to public order or morality;  
    (6) Sending computer viruses, harmful programs or email to our Website;  
    (7) Tampering with information used by our Service;  
    (8) Any other acts which the Company deems inappropriate.  
  3. If the Company determines that a Registered User of our Services may have or has acted inappropriately under any of the preceding items in this Article, the Company may take necessary and appropriate action to remove some or all of the offending information without prior notice.

Article 8: Password Management
  1. Registered Users shall manage their passwords at their own risk, and must not make them available to third parties, nor rent, transfer or change the name used for buying and selling.
  2. The Company does not take any responsibility and Registered Users shall bear all responsibility for inadequate management or malpractice in the use of passwords, and for any damages caused by third parties.
  3. If a password is stolen or used by a third party, Registered Users shall inform the Company immediately and follow instructions given.

Article 9: Interruption or Suspension of Service
  1. When one of the following is true, the Company may stop or suspend all or part of the use of our Services without prior notice to the Registered User:  
    (1) When performing emergency or regular maintenance work or inspection of computer systems;  
    (2) If a communication line, computer or similar item is interrupted by accident;  
    (3) If the operation of our Services is no longer possible due to force majeure such as fire, power failure, or natural disaster;  
    (4) Any other cause that make it is necessary to suspend or stop our Services.
  2. We are not responsible for damages caused to Registered Users due to actions made by the Company enumerated in any of the preceding clauses.

Article 10: Vesting
  1. We reserve all intellectual and other property rights relating to our Services and Website as set forth in this Agreement. Registration to use our Services does not give or imply license to make use of the intellectual property of the Company.
  2. Registered Users shall retain all intellectual and other property rights relating to their own proprietary material.

Article 11: Cancellation of Registration
  1. A Registered User may, according to the method prescribed by the Company, cancel their Registration at any time. However, if an Exhibitor Member wishes to cancel registration and cancel their subscription, they must submit a written form to the Company by the 25th of the month in order to cancel service for that month.
  2. The Company will promptly process applications for cancellation of registration from Registered Users. Completion of this process releases all parties from further responsibility under the Service Contract and Registration.
  3. If the Registered User is found liable under a cause of any of the items below, the Company may, without having to give prior notice, cancel the user's Registration.  
    (1) Failure to comply with any provision of any of this Agreement;  
    (2) False Registration items are discovered;  
    (3) Interference of any kind with the operation of our Services;  
    (4) Insolvency or suspension of payment, or, if there is a petition for initiation of proceedings for bankruptcy, civil
          rehabilitation proceedings, corporate reorganization proceedings, or commencement of special liquidation;  
    (5) If timely payment is not made, the Company reserves the right to cancel the user's subscription and suspend services;  
    (6) In addition, if the Company is determined to be not appropriate for continued Registration.
  4. If Registration has been revoked for debts owed to the Company, the Registered User will lose all benefits of time remaining on the contract, and must pay all obligations to us immediately in full.
  5. We are not responsible for any damage caused to Registered Users by acts made by the Company pursuant to this Section.

Article 12: Disclaimer of Warranty and Limitation of Liability
  1. The Company does not make any guarantee in connection with our Services that Registered Users are real, that they have legal capacity, rights or authority to provide services that may be offered. It is the responsibility of Registered Users to investigate these matters for themselves. In addition, if a Registered User obtains information about our Services directly or indirectly from the Company, the Company does not make any guarantee beyond what is specified in this Agreement.
  2. Registered Users are responsible to investigate at their own expense all matters regarding violation of applicable industry rules, regulations, or laws. We do not guarantee that use of our Services by registered Users conforms to applicable industry rules, regulations, or laws.
  3. We shall have no liability for compensation for damages suffered by Registered Users in connection with use of our Services including but not limited to any loss or expense arising from interruption or unavailability of the provision of service, deletion or change of the information of a Registered User under the T&C's by the Company, or damages suffered in connection with cancellation of registration. This includes but is not limited to collateral damage, loss, or expense as well as general damages and direct damages, lost profits, loss of business opportunities, loss of data, interruption of business, indirect or special and consequential or other damages.
  4. The Company is not responsible for any liability arising from links to or from information hosted by third-party websites.

Article 13: Damages and Dispute Resolution
  1. Registered Users who violate this Agreement or otherwise cause damage to the Company in connection with the use of our Services must compensate the Company for those damages.
  2. In cases where Registered Users experience a dispute between persons or must respond to a complaint from a person or other user in connection with our Services, the Company shall be notified of the dispute and its contents immediately, and the Registered User shall assume responsibility to process the dispute or claim including all expense and responsibility and to report the results to us.
  3. If the Company receives any claim of infringement from a third party in connection with the use of our Services by a Registered User and we are forced to pay damages, the Registered User must repay the Company for the amount of said damages.

Article 14: Handling of Personal Information
  1. The Company shall maintain the personal information of the Registered User in accordance with our Privacy Policy, and the Registered User is hereby deemed to agree with this policy.
  2. For work associated with this Agreement, the Company may release certain personal information obtained from the users of our Services to facilitate notice regarding after sales service or related information regarding new products and services.

Article 15: Lifetime
This Service Agreement between the Registered User and the Company shall remain in force from the day of Registration as directed under the provisions of Article 4 until revoked.

Article 16: Contact and Notification
Notification or communication by the Company regarding Registered User's inquiries about our Services or regarding changes to the Terms of notification or communication with Registered Users is to be carried out in the manner prescribed by the Company's posts on our Website and/or by email contact.

Article 17: Assignment of Agreement
  1. Obligations or rights of Registered Users under this Agreement, and collateral or status of any contract based on this Agreement, shall not be transferred to, disposed of or assigned to any third party without the prior written consent of the Company.
  2. In case of a transfer of ownership or operation of our Services to another Company, the Company will transfer the information, status, and other matters regarding Registered Users, as well as its rights and obligations under this Agreement to the Assignee, including the status of this User Agreement and its Subsections, the Registered Users customer information and other matters, as well as all Rights and Obligations under the Terms agreed to in advance.

Article 18: Entire Agreement
It is understood and asserted that this Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties, and that priority will be given to this Agreement regarding all matters regardless of whether oral or written or the claimed subject of any prior agreement between the parties.

Article 19: Competent Court and Applicable Law
The governing Law of this Agreement shall be the Law of the Nation of USA. You hereby agree that all disputes related to or resulting from this Agreement shall be remanded to the exclusive jurisdiction of the New York District Court as Court of First Instance.

Article 20: Consultation and Resolution
In case of any dispute concerning the interpretation of this Agreement or matters not specified in this Agreement, the Registered User and the Company shall attempt to achieve resolution as soon as possible through mutual consultation in accordance with the principles of good faith.

~ As Enacted: April 1, 2014