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Here is a list of commonly asked questions with their respective answers.

Please check here first if you don't understand something.

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I'd like to exhibit an item, how much are the listing fees?
You need to register in order to be able to list on the site. The cost of exhibiting varies based on the number of products you can sell and the booth you choose. Please contact the Japanese head office directly for pricing inquiries.
What are the advantages of being an exhibitor?
1. By registering information about your products, technologies and services, you can gain 24/7 exposure to
    the American, Japanese, Chinese and Korean markets.
2. You will be able to recevie neogitiation requests from buyers from Japan, China, Korea and the rest of
    the world for 1 year.
I'd like to exhibit my product to Japan, China and Korea simultaneously, how do I do that?
If you provide Japanese, Chinese and Korean translations when you list a product that product will be listed on all 3 simultaneously. If you would like to request a translation please contact the USA head office directly who can provide translations on your behalf.
Do you offer a product/company logo creation service?
Yes, we do. The 24expo USA head office design team can create them for you. (supplementary charge).
Please contact the USA head office directly for design pricing information.
I can't upload my company or product logo, what is the cause of this?
24expo works best in an Internet Explorer environment (below IE).
First, please check if you are using IE.
When can I use the service after registering?
You can begin using the service after payment of exhibiting fees.
Can I post advertisements, job postings and recruitment information?
At 24expo, we not only support exhibition of products, but also let you list services like advertising, job postings and recruitment information to USA, Japan, China, Korea and the rest of the markets across the globe.