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No16 Posted on12/14/2015 Views1047
TitleNews Release
Duration12/1/2015 - 1/31/2016
Posted byAdministra
News Release

24EXPO Japan, Inc starts new services from January 1st, 2016.
Free registration fee to commemorate inauguration of New Services.
You can utilize our business network to export your merchandize.
The company registered lawfully in USA can only register in our USA Pavillion.

Business Chance has been increased so much!
Buyers can access to 24EXPO Pavilions from any country in the world by internet.
If you cannot find proper buyers or purchasing merchandize from our Pavilion, Please
Inquire 24EXPO Japan, Inc. by e-mail addressed to
We responsibly introduce best business partners to you.

If you face the difficulty such lacks as managing know-how, marketing tools, procurement sources, other knowledges, etc. to establish a new business, 24EXPO Japan, Inc. will advise, intermediate or introduce proper solution. We occasionally take a stake by case.
Please inquire by e-mail addressed to
The set-up of the above new business is limited to Japan, Korea and China at present.
We prepare paperwork for new establishment of company and investment and assist you to get the stay visa such as investment management visa, employment visa, etc.