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Product name : Fully Automatic ATF AUTO2020

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Fully Automatic ATF Exchanger AUTO 2020

-. In/Out Line automatic exchange system
=> IP Patent no : 0371105
-. CE Cerificate no : TA-12M-100978

-. In spite of reverse connection to transmission, the fluid
direction is changed to right flow automatically.
-. It allows to check oil temperature without a scanner.
-. It can measure the volume of new and old fluids exactly and
exchange even the fluids of vehicle without level gauge.
(ZF transmission)
-. The chemical reservoir is embedded that it is easy to put the
chemical into the machine when exchanging.
Esapecially for the vehicle without level gauge.
-. The various new ATF can be selected by brand.
-. Old oil is drained directly to out side drainer.

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Category Electric / Electronic Products, Devices

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정왕동 1369-8 시화공단 3라 809호, 시흥시, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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1 - 4 people

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Information and Telecommunications
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