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Product name : Dr's Fuji Suiso 12 bottles + 8 bottles

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Dr’s Fuji Suiso
Patented “Functional zeolite” realized by ionic exchange of minerals of oyster shell with natural mineral “zeolite” formed by primeval volcanic activity for excessive amount of years brings us benefits, which is oldest, smallest, closest and safest element, “Hydrogen” which universe endowed.
Hydrogen produced by "Functional Zeolite lasts for long time, about 18 hours, though varying between individuals, and maintain reduction power for long time. Furthermore inherent detoxification effect of zeolite is promising.
Adding citric acid, we have given the significance that you pass delightful days with less fatigue under daily chronic tired circumstances.

Why do we need Hydrogen for Health?
Only hydrogen, smallest element among all the substances existing in the universe including other antioxidant , can be referred to reach nucleus and thoroughly remove bad active oxygen, so called as Hydroxy Radical that abide there and hurt genetic level.

Features of Dr's Fuji Suiso
1.By way of ionic exchange of 13 kinds of active mineral hydrogen is generated very well for long time. 13 kinds of active mineral ionic exchange make distinct generation of hydrogen for long time.
2. Hydrogen moderate to body removes for long time hydroxyl radical referred to be toxic in the radical oxygen.
3.It helps to normalize PH level of body fluid.
4.The Functional Zeolite (patented) absorbs to chemical agents, pollutants,
additives, virus, bacterium, etc. and egest them.
5.It activates citric acid cycle, smoothen mineral absorption and add vitality to cells.

Dr's Fuji Suiso can last the effect longer than other Hydric water & Hydric supplements.

Item Hydrogen generating duration
(inside of the human body)
Hydrogen water 3 minutes
Coral hydrogen supplement 4 hours
Dr’s Suiso Celeb./Fuji Suiso 18 hours

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Category Healthcare, Insurance Industry, Insurance Products

Member information

Company name
Kansha, Inc.

Zip code

3F 2-3,Sarugaku-Cho 1-Chome, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

Number of employees
5 - 9 people

Business area Circulation / Distribution
Food and Beverage / Living / Entertainment
Retail price
(including tax)
300,000 JPY
Details of
negotiation request
Distributers recruitment for Dr's Fuji Suiso by Kansha, Inc. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any question.
Contact TEL number +81-3-5328-5062
Contact fax number +81-3-5328-5063
Managing department Overseas Division
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